Yoga nella villa palladiana, 9-13 giugno 2008

Un’amica mi segnala questo interessante seminario di Yoga e Meditazione. Particolarmente bello il posto, in particolare per chi allo Yoga unisce anche un interesse per le architetture palladiane: Villa Gallici Deciani, in provincia di Udine.

Qui sotto le informazioni e gli indirizzi e-mail a cui rivolgersi.

Yoga and Meditation – Montegnacco 9-13 June 2008

Villa Deciani, Montegnacco (Udine) Italy

4 nights/5 days

 We offer you the chance to be part of a unique women’s retreat taking place at Villa Deciani, a beautiful seventeenth century Palladian villa north of Venice, Italy.  The four nights and days will be a time to heal, regain inner serenity and to reconnect with your body and the age-old wisdom it possesses.

Mornings will begin with gentle dancing or yoga, followed by sessions in energy and bodywork.  After meals prepared by Elda, Villa Deciani’s cook, afternoons are free.  There is time to sleep, read, walk in nature, swim in the pool or do individual sessions with Lorraine or Andrena.   Learn to open blocked energy, to release inner stress and breathe fully, to run your own energy (which helps with weight loss), even to tackle challenges in relationships by setting boundaries.  As the sun sets, Lorraine performs a hauntingly beautiful invocation on her saxophone, which is a profound meditation.  After dinner might be a women’s circle or healing work.  There is something magical that happens when powerful women gather together to celebrate their essence.  Becoming whole again feels like one long sigh of relief.

For the past six years, Andrena Woodhams and Lorraine Weiss have been running workshops for women throughout Europe.  Andrena, a writer and event manager living in Provence, teaches yoga, energetic awareness, breathwork and her own bodywork based on Thai yoga massage. Lorraine, a professional saxophone player living in New Mexico, has been teaching exploration of consciousness for the past fifteen years.  Clients include Fortune 500 members, psychologists from Princeton University and The White House.  The retreat is organized by Pisana Ferrari, who is bringing these teachers to Italy for the first time.

The cost is euro 600 inclusive of all tuition, room and board.  Each participant will have her own room and bathroom in the villa.  If you are interested please contact: or as soon as possible.  Space is limited to a maximum number of 13 participants.

Ps.: check out the villa’s web site at



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